Rumours spreading that Apple is prepping an enhanced 32GB version of its iPhone 3G. Image: Apple.
Apple iPhone rumoured for January 2009 32Gb,Never far from the news, the iconic iPhone slinks back beneath the media spotlight this week thanks to emerging Net speculation that suggests an improved version of Apple’s latest 3G smartphone will be offered up with a 32GB capacity this coming January.

Initially ground from the technology rumour mill by the keen-eyed folk at AppleInsider, current related chatter points to apparently dwindling retail stock of the existing 8GB iPhone 3G, which the fan site believes could be a precursor to Apple launching an enhanced model.

In terms of credibility, Apple certainly isn’t adverse to bringing out new versions of existing devices bolstered by larger storage capacities and overhauled features, and the suggestion of a January appearance for the 32GB iPhone does at least fit with the calendar positioning of the Cupertino-based company’s annual MacWorld event.

Of course, that convincingly snug fit could also be seen as little more than a cobbled connection designed to help justify and spread an otherwise unfounded claim.

Furthermore, such a claim is also somewhat protected from close scrutiny as Apple isn’t exactly known for its willingness to converse with the press regarding its products at the best of times.

Beyond the initial whispers emanating from AppleInsider, other 32GB iPhone rumours have sprung up from ITProPortal, which offers that the expanded handset will also include prolonged battery performance and an improved 3.2 mega pixel camera.

Not satisfied with leaving those rumours to fester alone as MacWorld creeps ever closer, other online sources are tagging the 32GB iPhone with a 500GBP price tag, while others are pointing to a price cut for the 16GB model, and the complete discontinuation of the baseline 8GB handset.


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