After installing Installous on jailbroken iOS devices, some people are reporting that they’re getting “API Unavailable” or “API Permission Denied” error while downloading apps from Installous. These errors are occurring due to heavy load on Installous servers after the release of JailbreakMe. Installous servers aren’t yet able to cope up with such amount of traffic. To get rid of these errors try two methods mentioned below On your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Fix API Unavailable error

1. Uninstall Appsync and Installous 4 from Cydia. AppSync is installed automatically when you install Installous.
2. Reboot your iOS device.
3. Now install the AppSync version which is compatible with your firmware.
4. Reinstall Installous. You can find the procedure here if you don’t know how to install it.
5. Open Installous and try again to download apps.

iPod Touch 5G Could have 3G Connectivity - iPod Touch 5G will have 3G Data Connectivity - The iPod Touch 4G can do almost everything an iPhone can; it does Games, internet surfing, music, and videos. However, it’s seriously lacking in the connectivity department: It works only with WiFi hotspots and does not connect to cellular networks.

An iPod Touch with 3G connectivity makes a lot of sense, however, provides little details about the 3G feature and blog’s track record is literally non-existen, so this canot be taken as-is.

9to5Mac suggests that if Apple adds “the GPS/3G baseband chips and some phone wiring and a solid 3 megapixel camera, iPod Touch 5G 3G Data Connectivity ill have 3G Data Connectivity and you are 99 percent of the way to an iPhone lite”.

Would you like to have an iPod Touch with 3G connectivity or the WiFi-only version is enough for you? Let us know the comments below.

iPhone 5 blackberry alike led indicator - Every day brings new rumors related to Apple’s next-generation iPhone. According to these speculations, the smartphone could be powered by the A5 processor, which will significantly increase the processing speed, and will feature an 8MP camera.

The iPhone 5 could also incorporate an LED indicator that would blink every time iPhone owners have received a notification, recent rumors claim.
The upcoming smartphone could actually sport two LEDs: the first one will be a dual-LED camera flash and the second one is the LED indicator, iPhone 5 blackberry led.

However, this is not an original Apple-idea since BlackBerry already has an indicator LED above the screen. This would not be surprising because Apple has been accused before of having ”borrowed” certain features from various apps and platforms and integrated them into its iOS 5.

iPhone 5 led indicator, A LED indicator could be a useful feature in the upcoming iPhone 5. The LED could let users know they have missed a call, have unread messages or received a new notification. Apple should also add an option that would allow users to disable the LED because a blinking light can be quite annoying sometimes. Via: iphone forums

Whatever the next iPhone turns out to be, Apple is planning to sell gobs and gobs of it. The latest word, reported by the Wall Street Journal, is that Apple is telling its suppliers that it expects to sell 25 million of the "iPhone 5" before the end of 2011.

The report cites unnamed sources at Apple's suppliers. Apple's products are assembled by Taiwan's Hon Hai, the world's biggest contract manufacturer of electronics, says the Journal. Hon Hai gets its parts from other companies in Taiwan and other parts of Asia, and people said to be from those suppliers revealed some details about the next iPhone, dubbed the "iPhone 5."

Besides the usual rumors about an 8-megapixel camera and a thinner design, the unnamed sources said the new iPhone would use wireless baseband chips from Qualcomm instead of the ones from Infineon Technologies, which are in the current iPhone 4, according to teardowns of the product.

One of the sources revealed Apple's sales goals, telling the Journal, "Apple's sales estimates of the new iPhone is quite aggressive. It told us to prepare to help the company meet its goal of 25 million units by the end of the year. The initial production volume will be a few million units... we were told to ship the components to assembler Hon Hai in August."
Via: Yahoo News

[Pictures] iPhone 5 Concept 6th Gen iPod Nano - Few days back we have posted iPhone 5 concept design photos designed by Michal Bonikowski, and now here is another iPhone 5 concept created by Nak Design which seems inspired by 6th geneartion iPod Nano. If you like the design of the 6th generation iPod Nano (current generation), then you’re going to like this new iPhone 5 concept created by Antoine Brieux of NAK Studio.

Brieux’s iPhone 5 concept is made of magnesium alloy based casing, sports a bigger Retina Display with 1104-by-730 pixel resolution, enhanced camera, notification LED panel, powered by an A5-chip for 3D games and more.

Another rumor that iPhone 5 could have radical new case - There are reports that iPhone 5 will be a new, fully redesigned product – rather than an updated iPhone 4 – with a "radical new case design," according to rumor site Boy Genius Report.

BGR's announcement of a fully-redesigned phone complements an earlier prediction from Thisismynext. The tech site reported that the iPhone 5 could be thinner than the current iPhone, with a teardrop-shaped case that would taper from top to bottom, giving it a profile similar to the MacBook Air computer. This new rumor also meshes with an earlier one that Apple has purchased machines capable of cutting curved glass, which would allow it to give the iPhone 5 a sleek, tapered case or iPhone 5 Radical New Look.

Source: CS Monitor

Spirit jailbreak

Spirit jailbreak --- What is Spirit jailbreak? For those who don't know let me tell you that Spirit is an untethered jailbreak for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad running iOS 3.1.2 through 3.2. It was developed by Wii homebrew developer comex.

Jailbreaking is a progression that permits full access to unlock all features of the Apple’s iOS (also known as iPhone OS prior to iOS 4.0) operating system (such as the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and recently Apple TV), irrespective of the imposed confines. Spirit is not a hauler unbolt yet, an unteterred jailbreak for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad running iOS 3.1.2 through 3.2.

Moreover, jailbreaking a device gives access to its root file system, allowing modification and installing. Spirit jail breaking work on all devices but it just requires one’s device to be activated. Jailbreak Sprint

Apple could accept Sprint as a new member in its exclusive club of iPhone carriers, rumors have been suggesting for almost a year now. Sprint is currently the third largest US carrier. Its position could be explained by the less developed 4G wireless network compared to AT&T’s and Verizon’s. iPhone 5

Apple could be interested in running a 4G iPhone version on Sprint, rumors claim. This could be a wise choice for both companies. Such a move would allow Sprint to increase its market . Also, Apple could bring a LTE compatible iOS smartphone on the market.

Apple is lagging behind many Android-based handsets which already offer 4G compatibility and by sealing a deal with Sprint iPhone 5 would be able to run on 4G networks, since iOS customers are putting pressure on the Cupertino Company to make this feature available. iPhone 5 release

Rumors have long been circulating about the iPhone 5 and the improvements it will have as compared to the iPhone 4. There has been a lot of talk about the improvements that will be made with the camera. For one, all smartphones have moved to an 8MP camera and Apple is considering doing that in its 5 generation phone. So naturally now rumors are also circulating that they might be improving the camera flash. More at iPhone 5 camera flash?

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