After installing Installous on jailbroken iOS devices, some people are reporting that they’re getting “API Unavailable” or “API Permission Denied” error while downloading apps from Installous. These errors are occurring due to heavy load on Installous servers after the release of JailbreakMe. Installous servers aren’t yet able to cope up with such amount of traffic. To get rid of these errors try two methods mentioned below On your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Fix API Unavailable error

1. Uninstall Appsync and Installous 4 from Cydia. AppSync is installed automatically when you install Installous.
2. Reboot your iOS device.
3. Now install the AppSync version which is compatible with your firmware.
4. Reinstall Installous. You can find the procedure here if you don’t know how to install it.
5. Open Installous and try again to download apps.


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